Introducing The Strickland Institute

The Strickland Institute aims to help Christians think biblically about culturally sensitive topics, and resource organizations with the knowledge and skill necessary to promote a God-honoring work or school environment.

More than ever, it is essential for organizations to think cross-culturally about their mission.  Thankfully, for Christians, motivation to work toward Christ-centered unity and God-honoring diversity does not have to come from negative social or political pressure, but from biblical affirmation.

The Institute offers a variety of tools to promote unity in your organization.  Our products bypass the shaming tactics of secular diversity and inclusion efforts by starting with Scripture.  At work in all our offerings is a Christian definition of diversity, and a biblical motivation to pursue Christian unity.    

The majority of our resources are designed to assist leaders with the ongoing challenge of implementing a God-glorifying diversity strategy that fosters a multicultural environment.

Our offerings are designed to guide those who feel called to start a diversity effort and to further existing efforts.  We can support you with surveys that provide real data that offers a baseline to discern the first steps of your diversity initiative.  Surveys demonstrate common professional development needs that we’ve anticipated with our online training and retreats that vary in length and depth (CEUs available).  For more tailored solutions, The Institute offers online and on-site consulting.

For those looking for ongoing assistance, the one-year partnership couples The Institute’s quality resources with ongoing coaching from a knowledgeable Institute fellow to help you avoid common pitfalls and offer best practices along the way.

We look forward to serving you!

Blog Post written by:
Walter R. Strickland II, PhD