Consulting Objectives

Creating a God-honoring environment to equip God’s children to be ambassadors for Christ in a globalizing world and a diverse America.

  1. Establish a biblical definition for diversity.
  2. Provide a biblical motivation to pursue diversity.
  3. Implement a God-glorifying methodology that fosters a multicultural learning environment.
  4. Provide customized deliverables that honors the school’s identify while pressing toward a school-wide pursuit of biblical diversity.
  5. Offer best practices and expert guidance during implementation.

Virtual Coaching

If you are agonizing about the first steps toward pursuing diversity in your organization, or hung up on a sensitive cultural issue, we can help! These “issue-driven” conversations provide critical direction on commonly mismanaged issues. Pricing starts at $150


Organizations are constantly met with new challenges in pursuit of God-honoring diversity.  These hour-long formal presentations are tailored to your organizational training needs. Can be recorded and viewed later

On-Site Training

Onsite training are well-suited for professional development seminars, teacher in-services, executive retreats, or lectures at special events, chapels, and in classrooms. These intensive visits contain a mix of formal and informal interactions that catalyze an organization toward God-honoring cultural diversity. Pricing determined by need.

One year partnerships

Creating a culture of unity and reconciliation in your organization


Do you feel called to lead your organization toward God-honoring unity amid cultural diversity, but don’t know where to start? The Strickland Institute can walk alongside you providing training, resources, and expert counsel your first year!”

Diagnostic survey (at the beginning)
Organization-wide introductory courses
The “diversity officer” takes our diversity certificate
Two administrators take two diversity seminars
Six virtual coaching calls w/ an Institute fellow assigned to them
Campus climate survey to discern progress

Elective services
Private webinars
On-site visits

Our Process

step 1

Diversity Coaching

An Institute fellow is ready to coach you through any challenging circumstance that you face as you lead your organization to serve God’s children

step 3


The Institute provides on-site consulting and retreats to help you foster biblically motivated unity.


Surveys that gauge the competencies of your organization and identifies strengths and opportunities for growth.

step 2

Online Training

The Institute offers diversity training via short introductory courses, seminars, and a 32-hour certificate (coming soon!).

step 4
Why Diversity Training

Christian organizations  face a unique set of challenges with regards to topics like Diversity, Multiculturalism and race relations. Often secular training sources for these topics provide an anti-Biblical worldview and  are void of the clear solutions that present themselves in the Bible. Our diversity certificate helps Christian organizations and professionals develop a healthy

work environment based on Christian Unity and Biblical Principles. The Bible is full of diversity, and God has a clear plan of reconciliation for all nations. These principles can be applied to your work or school environment so professionals are able to tackle tough problems and anticipate blind spots in the organization.