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Course Description

This introductory course is perfect for a professional development workshop, onboarding, or for ongoing cultural IQ development.

This course equips Christian educators to foster God-honoring unity and biblical diversity on campus and cultivate a campus climate that allows every image bearer to flourish.  Beginning with a meticulously biblical foundation, this course avoids the politically charged tactics of secular methodologies and insists upon biblical diversity that is restorative—not punitive.  This exercise provides leaders with a biblical vocabulary to lead their school, practical tips for establishing and leading a diversity initiative, and tips for leading amid racially charged moments.

What to Expect

This 45-minute course is divided into three sections:

  • Biblical and theological foundations for diversity
  • Manifestations of racial bias in Christian schools
  • Overview of diversity initiative methodologies

This engaging 100% web-based course features quizzes, performance tracking, and analytics to help employers track each employee’s progress.

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