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Course Description

This introductory course is a perfect addition to new student orientation, student leadership training, or as a lesson in an existing class.

This course equips students to be ambassadors for Christ cross-culturally 1) on campus, 2) in a diversifying America, and 3) in a globalizing world.  This introductory course facilitates biblical diversity and Christ-centered unity by demonstrating God’s desire for a multicultural people in Scripture—God’s inspired word—and offering tools to live out that vision on campus and beyond.  Students are offered the tools to encourage a campus community that recognizes every image bearer and values their contributions.  In doing so, the course offers skills to engage issues that arise from cultural differences that allows “iron to sharpen iron” on your campus for God’s glory.  

What to Expect

This 45-minute course is divided into three sections:

  • Biblical and theological foundations for diversity
  • Manifestations of racial bias in Christian schools
  • Practical insights for students

Students will engage topics including:

  • Colorblindness
  • Social media in a racialized world
  • Race and politics, etc.  

This engaging 100% web-based course features quizzes, performance tracking, and analytics to help educators to track their student’s progress.

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