Introductory Courses
Introductory courses for students, teachers, and school administrators. Meant to be done annually or as part of an onboarding program
35-40 minutes
$29 individual
Web Based
hosting optional
Bulk Pricing
Diversity Seminars
Online, self-guided, courses is designed to help Christians analyize and improve their diversity initiatives in a way that promotes unity and Biblical restoration.
2 hours
Starting at $250
Web Based
Bulk Pricing
Diversity Certificate
We equip leaders with biblical foundations and insight to design practical programs in a God-honoring way.

20 hours
Web Based
Bulk Pricing

Online Training Features


A variety of quizzes and other adult learning techniques are constantly being added to our courses.

100% Responsive

70% of web use is now mobile. We promote a mobile first design in our courses.

Performance Tracking

All courses have the option of completion notifications or certificates. Courses can be uploaded into your LMS and are SCORM or TIn CAN capable.


Learners are offered surveys and feedback. This data is then anonymized, analyzed and presented back to you.

Learner Management

Courses can be licensed and imported into your LMS or hosted by ours. Larger organizations would be better served using their own LMS for ease of use.

Customer Support

Our customer support team will guide you through enrollment and help troublshoot any issues as they arise

Introductory Courses

Our short introductory courses are ideal for organizations who want widespread Biblical diversity training.  With unique tracks for students and two types of employees (teaching and non-teaching staff) this training is ideal for new student orientation, employee onboarding, student leadership training, and professional development workshops. These 45 minute interactive courses designed to get your organization off not the right foot.


We use SCORM authoring software to make our courses interactive and engaging to ensure meaningful use. ADA Compliant


Our courses are full of engaging videos that are mobile friendly

Mobile Friendly

Mobile FIrst Format. Ready for all devices. Engaging adult learning tools for meaningful interactions

Interactive, fast paced learning

Ready made for your organization.
Affordable ways to add Christian diversity training to your entire organization, be ready within days
InDividual License

Groups of ten or less can simply purchase online and get started!
Enrollments links will be emailed to your group members and can be done immediately!

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Best Choice
Group Discounts

Contact us with the number of students, staff, and leadership interested in using the courses. pricing varies based on size and hosting options

Bulk Pricing

For Churches, Christians School, and Christian Organizations. Pricing starts at 29.50 and decreases based on volume to as low as $0.25 per license. Custom branding and hosting possible.

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More info on our Introductory Courses
Our short introductory courses are ideal for organizations who want widespread Biblical diversity training. Meant to be used for student or employee have your organization dedicate 35-45 minutes on an interactive course designed to get your organization off not the right foot.
How long do the courses take to complete?

Courses take approximately 45 minutes and are a mix of video content, interactive questions, and case type scenarios.

Can I integrated them with our organizations LMS?

Yes, our courses are SCORM and can be uploaded to any LMS system like blackboard, or moodle for ease of deliver for students. If you do not have that capability we offer our own LMS that is web based, mobile friends that can be used instead. We would need the email address of all enrollees to get them invited to the course.

What can I expect my organization to learn?

Our Introductory courses has a Core module that walks learners through the Biblical principles that should guide any discussion about Diversity. From there the course has specialized sections that directly address concerns for Students, Educators, and Leadership.

How do I utilize these courses in my organization?

Many organizations are familiar training modules that are to be taken on an annual basis. We designed these modules as a plug-and-play option for organization looking to quickly get a Christian perspective on diversity.

How do I get started?

Contact us! We will work with you on the timing of delivery. If we will be hosting the course we will work with you to get contact info for each learner. If you would rather host our course in your own LMS portal we can help your technical support get the course downloaded quickly and ready to go in your system! 

Diversity Seminars

Courses that work toward certification but in smaller blocks

An Intensive dive into Biblical  Diversity

A course that serves as a strong Biblical foundation for your diversity, and multicultural programs. Perfect for individuals looking for professional development or educators , we provide the knowledge and materials to help you develop a diverse, unified culture in the classroom. Perfect for high school or college educators.

Mobile Friendly
Designed to be taken on your phone, laptop, or computer.
CEU credit Available
This 6 hours course is perfect for ACSI CEU credits* approval pending*
How will your church respond to current cultural changes?

Church leaders including pastors, elders, lay and staff leaders are being faced with challenging questions like never before. This course is ideal for a church leader who is looking to evaluate current church process, curriculums, and events to be more sensitive to diversity issues.

Theology First
The Bible has a lot to say about Diversity. Our course focuses on Biblical principles, and then help you think through applying them to contemporary cultural topics.
Diversity Programming?
Often we think of diversity programming as a secular workplace phenomena. We see a growing need for intentional thinking related to multiculturalism within the church
Organizational Leadership

Christians in the work environment are often encouraged, or even required to spend time thinking about topics like Diversity, Inclusion, Microaggressions etc. Many of these topics come from a secular worldview and are missing the unity and reconciliation that comes from a christian worldview. We invite you to think differently.

Promoting Unity and Reconciliation
Infusing the Christian worldview into this sensitive topic will promote reconciliation and a culture of unity in your workplace.
Real, long lasting, ROI
We believe the ROI for your business comes in a more unified culture, focusing on shared Christian values and human dignity.


Affordable, flexible options for organizations
InDividual Seminars

Select the appropriate seminars for your organization and start immediately! 

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Bulk Pricing

Available, please inquire

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Diversity Certificate

Training the first generation of Christian diversity officers.

Program Overview

Program Overview

This program consists of 24 hours of training. Material includes online lectures, reading, quizzes, and a capstone project. Course content is available after purchase and can be done at your own pace. Course completion certificates are available as well as networking opportunities at annual events with other diversity professionals.

What kind of topics does the program cover?

Context: Historic and contemporary concepts of race from a Christian perspective

Theology: A Biblical theology of God’s multicultural people

Programming:  Learn to cast a multicultural vision for your organization

Implementation:  Practical aspects of diversity programming and employee development.

Do I have to do all the program at once?

Not at all, courses can be bought in smaller blocks and then you can complete the certificate over time.  Some people will take 4-6 hours of coursework per year, others will complete the program in about 8 weeks.

What does "Certification" mean.

Diversity catalysts and diversity officers are fairly new positions.  There is no formal training process for these roles, and they are often added to an existing employee’s responsibilities. Several organizations are attempting to provide accreditation for diversity officer training programs but have curriculum standards that are not compatible with a Christian worldview. If you have a need for certification, we do offer a certificate of completion but if this is a corporate requirement please talk to your HR representative prior to signing up for our course.

Are there options for live in-person training?

Yes! we offer in-person training designed for people who have completed or are in the process of pursuing our certification class.

Why Diversity Training

Christian organizations  face a unique set of challenges with regards to topics like Diversity, Multiculturalism and race relations. Often secular training sources for these topics provide an anti-Biblical worldview and  are void of the clear solutions that present themselves in the Bible. Our diversity certificate helps Christian organizations and professionals develop a healthy

work environment based on Christian Unity and Biblical Principles. The Bible is full of diversity, and God has a clear plan of reconciliation for all nations. These principles can be applied to your work or school environment so professionals are able to tackle tough problems and anticipate blind spots in the organization.

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