Measure Progress

identify opportunities for change and improvement with meaningful data. Christian organizations have unique needs and we have tailored our program for you.

Meaningful Data

Take Action on your Data

Why an outside service?

Using an outside service for survey collection guarantees anonymity for participants and security, making it increasingly likely you will get meaningful data.

Diagnostics leads to change

A survey is a useful diagnostic tool to do initial planning for your organization, and monitor progress. This is done with comparative data, evidence based design and cutting edge data analysis.

Details and Pricing

Surveys are web based, and administrators are given a link with which to disseminate surveys.

Meaningful Feedback

Our analysis categories and views your data in ways the have direct applications, and actionable advice. Data is useless without meaning.

Survey and Analysis

Pricing depends on the size and scope of data collection and analysis and customization needs.

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More information on our Surveys
Let us work with you on design and analysis

Surveys are brief and designed for students, parents, educators, and organizational leaders. Ideal for school and or businesses. Our surveys are designed to be given to a wide variety of organizations. Demographic data is designed with a Christian Worldview in mind.

How do you compare data?

Your data can be compared with previous year's survey reports you've done with us. As we grow our database we will also provide comparison reports against similar organizations that have worked with us.

How do your report the data?

Data is collected electronically and is open-ended and anonymous. We then employ a data scientist to clean up the data and perform the analysis. We divide our questions into a series of sections and then convert raw data into scores. Scores are then reported and interpreted in a ways that provides meaningful action steps.

Data Presentation

Data is presented in a variety of ways, through our consulting options, pdf reports, and/or powerpoint presentations. Your data is kept safe and is kept confidential.

What sort of action steps will you recommend

If additional training is felt to be necessary we will discuss on-site training opportunities, web-based opportunities, or other resources outside of our organization that we currently do not provide. Many recommendations do not necessarily lead to further courses or products, but can be handled by your own administration.